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18 Year Anniversary of The PhM / The Blagtoof WarTribe

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When you’re us, you don’t have to post some giant post to try and validate yourselves. When you’re us, guilds come and go constantly and none of them can touch you. When you’re us, you’re used to everyone else sucking while you reign supreme in any game you enter. When you’re us, you always make a mark on the game you play.

But YOU are not us.

We’re kicking the snot out of you little twerps in WildStar, while the rest of you run away from the game and quit because it’s too hard for you. Yeah, you’re REAL ‘hardcore’.

Sucks to be you.

18 years and still going strong!




Heading in, to dominate Nexus in the new upcoming MMORPG – Wildstar! Don’t you wish you were us?

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We are The PhM / Blagtoof WarTribe. We’ve been playing MMORPGs since Ultima Online Alpha & Beta back in 1996. We have crushed every single person, group or guild in PvP in EVERY major MMORPG in history. We are Legendary, THE best Guild in history. We are the creators of the RP-PvP playstyle. And we’re headed to Wildstar.
We’ve been paid journalists for 2 YEARS in an MMO Magazine, TELLING you all HOW to play, and we STILL stomp you in-game.
All of you WISH you were as powerful, as amazing as we are.
You all WISH you had a chance against us.
You WISH that you weren’t all just flash in the pan Guilds that inevitably fade out and die after 6 months because we beat your ass with you in your epic purple gear that took months to get, while we crush you with us being in blues.
You WISH all of this is just bravado. Because when you learn that every word I say about my Guildmates and I is 110% TRUTH, it frustrates you to the point that your guilds fall apart and you quit playing.
We are ALL real-life friends, dominating in MMORPGs since 1996. Nearly 20 YEARS of MMORPG Dominance.
We have ALWAYS dominated on the battlefield and we’re playing Wildstar. If you find you’re on the same server we are on and you try to take us on, you’ll fail like everyone else. Especially in Wildstar, where player skill matters THE MOST. You’re all fucked, and have no clue by how much. So get out of our way and do what we tell you.

Feel free to check out our KILLS pages. Our KILLS video. We – unlike all of you – back up all we say, not only with screenshots, but video too.

You cannot win. You will not win. Feed The Ego.

~ Lord Rakknarr
~Grishnak Blagtoof
The PhM / The Blagtoof WarTribe



Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer’s FINAL ISSUE finally available!

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It’s been 2 YEARS since Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer Magazine was cancelled and the last Grishnak Blagtoof “Kill ‘Em All” PvP Ganking Series was on the newsstands, and Beckett FINALLY has the last issue up on the site in the back-issue section for purchase.

I personally wrote for 12 issues of a bi-monthly magazine. That’s 2 years worth of a great gig – getting paid to Gank, camp & grief you tools, take screenshots and write about it for everyone to read….for $10 bucks a pop! LOL

Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer Magazine Issue #35!








Now, this issue finished up the World of WarCraft PvP Ganking series and in it I wrote a set-up for the upcoming “Kill ‘Em All” PvP Ganking Series for the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG, but when the magazine came out, everyone including myself, was surprised to read that MOG was being cancelled! None of us writing for the magazine was told ahead of time, we were told what we were always told – “here’s your deadline”.

The Editor’s Note had a big thank you to the readers, a thank you to the contributors, and a special little “shout out” to me personally for my work with some humour thrown in about him trying to dial down my ego a bit and my habit of having trouble finding the perfect set of screenshots for the magazine to use from my collection, and my habit of going over the word limit. To say it was a shock is an understatement, as no one had a clue there was a problem with MOG. But in hindsight, a magazine that cost $10 that came out Bi-MONTHLY for a video game genre that was ever-changing on a WEEKLY basis, no wonder they canned it. How could it keep up with instant-update-websites that were FREE?! It couldn’t. So with that last issue and last pay check, your chances of learning how to ACTUALLY PvP were gone…for now.

Keep your browsers pointed here, because we have a LOT planned for Wildstar, including total domination of The Exiles on whatever server is lucky enough to have us.

Feed The Ego.

~Lord Rakknarr, GM, The PhM
~Grishnak Blagtoof, WarBoss, The Blagtoof WarTribe



17 Years and Still Carving Our Way Through MMO-History!

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This day in 1996, our beloved guild was formed and the mmo-landscape hasn’t been the same since!

Here’s to 17 years of Chaos, Carnage and Kickassery!

~Lord Rakknarr, GM, PhM

~Grishnak Blagtoof, WarBoss, The Blagtoof WarTribe



The Story of Our Clan…

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So I went in and rewrote and edited The Story Of Our Clan in our menu to the right. It starts with our time in UO, to Shadowbane, to World of WarCraft, to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, to Star Wars: The Old Republic and is currently at the point of us heading to Planet Nexus for Wildstar!

Yes, we’re originally a Role-Playing Guild, that was forced to PvP to defend ourselves…we don’t run from a fight, ever. Hence we created and invented the RP-PK or RP-PvP play style!





The Last Stand of Greatness

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It’s been quite some time since the last post, hasn’t it? Almost a year, actually. And I bet you all thought we had hung up our Axes and Attitudes, cancelled whatever subscriptions, to slowly fade away into the obscurity that you all call ‘home’.

We wouldn’t be the MMO-Badasses we are if we did that. No, we shall not go out with a whimper, but with a bang, should we ever go at all.

What’s gone on the last year to keep me from posting an update here? Reality. And none of your business. This site isn’t for that. It’s for us to brag about killing everything that moves while mocking you. So why am I posting NOW?

Good question.

We’re moving, actually, and making it known is how we have fun. SWTOR is a decent enough game, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a game we’ve been keeping our eyes on for awhile that we have decided recently that we are officially moving to.

Wildstar….and we’re going Dominion. What can I say? We’re murderous assholes that dominate everything we set our eyes on, and The Dominion fits us.

That’s right. Wildstar. It has what we have been looking for for DECADES. The classes look pretty solid. The Paths idea is actually really sweet and a brilliant addition. Crafting we haven’t heard much of, but from what I’ve been able to scrounge up, it’s pretty neat. The races look great, to be honest. Although I really wish that the big ass Rock guys – The Granok – were on The Dominion side…I just can’t play on the side with Big Pink Furry people and Undead Night Elves, so the Granok aren’t cool enough to make us go Exile in any serious way, so Dominion is our choice. Yes, Dominion has little bunnies, but they’re psychotic gadget makers. They remind me of Warhammer Goblins. And if I’m going to play on the side of, or play a character of a fuzzy bunny, it’s gunna be a psycho killer bunny on crack. Now, other than the fact that the game doesn’t take itself too serious, it’s got great humour and atmosphere, that all means dick at the end of the day if the game itself is shit. Now the combat system looks brilliant. Rewarding ACTUAL skill is going to be amazing. It’s going to be catastrophic to the losers that just circle strafe and think they’re good when we consistently curbstomp them so hard their grandkids are gunna be born with bootprints on their foreheads, but it’s going to be utterly fantastic for people like us…that are…well…you know….awesome.

So the combat system is brilliant, the classes and paths seem innovative enough, the whole dodging thing is pretty wicked, humour is great, ah yes, housing. Oh. My. God. Housing. The simple fact that we get these huge plots and can build several kinds of houses throughout our game time on just one character, and having housing being a major foundation of the game itself SCREAMS “Finally, an MMORPG that we can call HOME!”

We are going to make it so being within a certain vicinity of our homes is a deathwish. Just like we did in Ultima Online on the Catskills Server back in the day. I only hope we can all choose exactly where we live, because we’re going to construct an entire neighbourhood in which the entire server will know NOT to go. We will be THE “bad neighbourhood”.

*IF* Wildstar is as great and amazing as it seems, and we leave SWTOR for it, then it WILL be our last and final MMORPG Home. This is a public declaration that if we leave SWTOR for Wildstar, we will never leave Wildstar for another MMORPG.

We’re done with this build up after build up for the next big MMO, only to get into the beta, test our asses off, really help with development, the whole guild goes and buys the pre-order Collector’s Editions, everyone sit online until the exact moment of launch, log in, create all our characters, be THE FIRST GUILD created on the server (every single time, by the way – WOW, WAR, SWTOR), then however long down the line, the game gets screwed up for some reason, and we’re left either playing a broken game, a practically abandoned game, a more-of-the-same-shit game, or quit and start the obsessive build up to beta to launch all over again, wasting time and money. We’re just sick of it. We’re all OLDER. We’re all ADULTS now. A bunch of us are married. Have kids. Or are in serious adult relationships, real adult careers, whatever! We don’t have time for this shit anymore. We want our ONE game to play, stick with from now on, and that’s IT. Now, everything the devs on Wildstar have said will be in the game is actually there. They have showed us as much. It all rests on how it’s implemented and works. You could have the best systems in history in your game, but if it’s not put together right, if it doesn’t WORK well together because they’re just tossed together and not implemented in a cohesive, well-rounded way that fits with the game itself, well, you’re just going to have a shit game with cool systems that had massive potential but fell flat on it’s face. Warhammer Online anyone?

So *IF* Wildstar is and has what they say it is and has; and so far all signs point to ‘yes’; then we will be leaving SWTOR, picking a server (RP-PvP, please), and making Wildstar our final MMO Home until the day comes that we just don’t want to play MMORPGs anymore. That’s it. This is a huge deal for a Guild like us. We have been together since 1996. We’re the oldest MMORPG Guild in existence, so declaring our LAST MMO, the last game that we will be playing until we decide to hang up our Axes and Attitudes, is a big milestone. Wildstar will also be the first MMORPG where 2 of my 3 sons will be joining us from the start. One of them plays SWTOR right now and is a killing machine, but with Wildstar, my wife and 2 of our sons will be joining us and the Guild, making this game an even bigger deal for us. Yes, that’s right, we have kids and they’re PKers just like us.

So keep your eyes here. We will be back to our old tricks for Wildstar! Kills Section. Kills Films. Taunting, camping, ganking and mocking. We will also be launching a NEW series…either an audio only or a video podcast / Vlog specifically for our domination within Wildstar and it being our LAST MMORPG. We will build a Guild WarPlot and slaughter you all. We will build our houses in a specific area of the game world and massacre anyone and everyone that dares set foot in our vicinity. This is our last game, and as a result, we will make our biggest stand here. Our presence will be known, it will be felt like a ripple – no one will be immune, we will not show mercy to anyone, anywhere at any time. And we’re telling you all right now so you all are WARNED.

Oh, and we’ll have an Exiles alt-guild so we can kill the skilless newbs on our OWN side too.

Feed The Ego.

~Lord Rakknarr, GM, PhM



More Milestones for us, all opposition is truly……gone.

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Ultima Online is 15 years old now. This Clan…..or Guild….is approaching it’s 16th Anniversary. We are the oldest, longest running MMORPG Clan in the history of the genre. Nothing anyone can say or do can take that away from us.

I am proud to say that we are a group of real life friends that have enjoyed countless hours over these 16 years together playing these games. We have explored the darkest, deepest dungeons. We have levelled all kinds of characters in all kinds of worlds. My friends have made this Guild what it is with me. I couldn’t imagine being without this group, nor could I imagine better, more loyal friends in the world. A man is only as good as his family and friends. And by that, I am the greatest in the world for I have the most amazing wife, amazing children and amazing friends anyone can ask for.

And we have killed the most players in the history of the genre. We have infuriated more of you people than any of you can count. We have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months….YEARS laughing at just how horribly we kick your pathetic asses all across virtual worlds and how much sheer red-faced frustration you spew your angry-type-hammering posts on forums.

And we’re going to keep this up for many more years to come. This Clan…Guild has already outlasted every single wannabe guild that has ever dared oppose us. Every whiney loudmouth that thought they were good is gone. Every flash in the pan “guild” that talked shit while getting their asses kicked….are gone.

There is nothing, not a single thing a single one of you can say or do at this point. You all still go on and on about us in forums on games we haven’t played in years. Our Guild still exists in Ultima Online on the Catskills Shard and we’re still the oldest and first Clan there. Our Guild is STILL the oldest Guild on Eonar in World Of WarCraft AND still the FIRST Guild on that server. You paid money to buy magazines on how to PvP written by ME while we slaughtered the scubs on Malestrom. You all still visit our site. You all don’t remember a damned thing from your MMORPG world of choice EXCEPT for your hatred of us and ALL of our names. We have to look at our kills pages, videos and magazine article screenshots to remember any of you. How’s that feel? That has to suck.

We have outlasted all of you. We are the First, Oldest, Longest Running MMORPG Guild in the history of the genre. We have outlasted the very MMORPGs that bore us. And we will ALWAYS be here. Always.

This Clan….this Guild…will outlast the genre itself.

~Lord Rakknarr, GM, The PhM
~Grishnak Blagtoof, WarBoss, The Blagtoof WarTribe



Time To School You Fucking Morons….

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Attention asshats! The biggest failure in MMORPG History is still Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning. Star Wars: The Old Republic is NOT a failure, let alone “the biggest failure in mmo history” like countless WOWTards are claiming. I mean, ok, these same fucking morons think WOW is the first and greatest MMORPG to ever exist, so that says a lot about how fucking dense they are, but come on now. Let’s get real. WAR is the biggest failure simply because it had the biggest potential to make a mark. SWTOR is fighting, it’s still going, it’s pushing and the team is working hard to keep it. They’re making big moves to make it what it deserves to be. They just have to cut out the cancer developers like Jeff Hickman who is the most clueless MMO Developer in history. Why do these companies let this clueless moron near their servers, let alone their GAMES?! How many huge potential games does this fucking nitwit have to demolish before someone says “hey, maybe we should can this dopey bitch”??


Ultima Online is the first true MMORPG. It was the single greatest video game of all time, and is still the greatest MMORPG Pre-Trammel. EverQuest killed MMORPG potential. World Of Warcraft just copied EverQuest. Nothing new. Nothing amazing. All it did, was make MMORPGs more accessible by taking EverQuest and dumbing it down for mass-moron-consumption. That’s it.
Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning is the biggest failure in mmo history.
Star Wars The Old Republic is not even CLOSE.
Shut up, you fucking morons.

I know more than you idiots about this genre because I have been a part of it since it’s inception. I have the oldest MMORPG Guild in the history of the genre and it’s a simple proven fact. Fuck you idiots. Shut up, you are nothing.




PayPal Donations Now Accepted…

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For those of you that are alert and aware, you’ll notice that, right under the last link in Clan Entertainment, right above the Clan information Section on the sidebar, that I have added a PayPal Donation button. This is for a few reasons…one of them being something that none of you flash in the pan wannabe little Guilds would ever understand – This Guild and it’s members stick together and are a family. We all are a part of this thing, and we all work together to continue it’s existence, so that’s why it’s there.

You wish you were us.




More to come…?

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Yes it’s been quiet. Yes I haven’t posted much here in ages, and the frequency in which my posts come has lessened greatly compared to what it once was. Well, I’m busy. I have a lot on my plate. Family, Film Work, Book writing, our other various rewarding activities…

In other words, we have lives, and posting here is one of those things that doesn’t take a priority and happens only when there’s a few minutes of spare time.

The Guild has a lot going on, and we spend our time enjoying SWTOR, killing countless Rep-twats and Imperial newbs alike – man how much fun would that option have been in WOW back in the day. The bunch of asshole losers on Horde side on our weak ass server deserved to have our boots on their throats as much as the pussy little Alliance chicken shits. Oh well. Anyways, we enjoy killing our own side almost as much as killing the rep bitches. After all, how will the Imperial players on our side learn how to PvP if we don’t beat them in the face with their own classes?

We’re all set up with our nice Guild Bank, our millions upon millions of credits (at least my wife and I have millions of credits, I don’t know what the rest of you idiots are doing), and we’re living in a target rich environment, slaughtering Republic assclowns at every turn. Even in open world PvP! And what’s more, our youngest son is out there killing people in our name, wearing his guild tags with pride as he hands beatdown after beatdown to any Republic scum that’s dumb enough to get in his way. Brings a tear to my eye to see his kill list grow and grow along with his huge list of MVP votes he gets from grateful Imperials. Hey, at least they know who to bow down to.

As I posted at the start, blogging here is an activity that only takes place when there’s a few minutes of spare time or whatever. This could change, and honestly, I’d like to start posting more frequently and actually posting with some things of substance, so who knows.